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    Arrow & Eve is a California-based brand whose story began on the beaches of San Diego when two friends embarked on an adventure to make the most comfortable quality swimwear that was reversible. For the traveler who wants to pack light, to the fashionista looking for mix n' match options, beach babes are liberated by Arrow & Eve's capacity for flexibility and creativity. From sunny beaches to a family's garage, the design duo hand-cut and hand-sewed the first 10,000 pieces sold. With a strong drive to learn and an unwavering attitude to succeed, the founders self-taught each and every area of the business - from pattern making, designing, sourcing, cutting & sewing, website design, graphic (print) design, photography, accounting, and operating on little sleep :-) 

    Meghan Sewing, Tom Cutting - Arrow & Eve Swimwear Early Days


    Days turned into nights and nights turned into days as the team worked around-the-clock to manufacture a swimwear brand that would reach the shelves of over 100 retailers across the United States and Caribbean. Now sewn in swimwear factories across Los Angeles, the company is committed to keeping production in the United States to support job creation. "We know each and every person who touches our swimsuits and we love them like family," says designer Meghan K. "Because we have done each step ourselves, we hire each vendor with such a heightened sense of appreciation."


    Meghan K - Lead Designer / Owner


    Arrow & Eve encapsulates the company’s commitment to balance. Arrow represents a tom-boy sense of adventure and Eve represents femininity.” It’s the male-female balance of energy that is also behind each swimwear creation – Meghan specializes in comfort and fit, while Tom specializes in prints/colors and what's appealing to the eye. The balance between the two inputs has been key to their success as one of the best-fitting designer swimwear brands with looks that landed them on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

    "With our story," says Tom, "we hope to inspire women across the world to follow their hearts, chase their dreams and never stop seeking adventures."

    Tom - Owner of Arrow & Eve







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